Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and brochure are often the first line of exposure your company has with potential clients. Business cards act as the primary and most economical leave behind item, making a statement about your company long after you have left the place. Business cards are also often used as reference cards for business contacts, and because of this it is important that your card not only incorporate the look and feel of your company, but also show the professionalism level you wish to convey. Letterhead and envelopes compliment the function of business cards giving your corporate look and feel a sense of completion and professionalism, thus building your overall branding.

Brochure design is an essential tool for marketing as it interacts directly with the customer. It makes the communication between an organization and its target audience effective and efficient as compared to other marketing tools such as billboards and electronic or print advertisements. In other ways, A brochure design is a detailed version of the product’s promotion.

We at OQZA are committed to create impressive designs that work with all your established branding, marketing materials as well as web designs.


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