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Cloud Services

At OQZA, we do not regard the Cloud as a solution by itself. Our Cloud is one way of implementing our solutions differently in your company. You do not necessarily have to purchase and maintain security, wireless Internet and telephone exchanges yourself. In the Cloud, you just use them and you pay according to usage.


  • Limited investments: an initial investment is not necessary and we continuously take care of updates and upgrades to the infrastructure.
  • Clear budget: you know exactly what your security, telephone exchange or wireless network costs you per month and per user. Without risk.
  • Flexibility: hardware and applications in the Cloud are accessible everywhere. Also for your colleagues working from home. A solution that evolves together with the needs of your organisation.
  • Work on files together with Office Online: Working with others on the same files? If they’re saved in Cloud, now everyone can edit the same files at the same time—right from a web browser—thanks to new co-authoring support for Office Online.