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Mobile Apps development is the methodology of designing software for mobile equipment such as personal digital assistants or enterprise digital assistants. These applications are available in two different formats: pre-installed ones or downloaded from multiple resources.

At OQZA, we do custom mobile apps development for improved performance and functionality of smart phones. We design apps for all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows. All these applications are carefully designed to satisfy both personal and individual needs. We do agree that apps made for enterprises requirements vary substantially because they are developed for specific businesses need to improve efficiency, functionality and value addition.

At OQZA, we have industry standard experience in custom mobile apps development with talented programmers having several years of experience. We want our customers to follow each step of the process to make sure that our professionals understand our clients requirements. After understanding the requirements, we propose the cheapest and the best solution that is available in the market.


We are capable of managing full software development cycle from product analysis, carrier testing, installation process and architecture development. In addition to these facilities, we also cater the maintenance of the mobile application.

We offer the following app solutions: custom mobile app development for Java, J2M, custom mobile apps development using various platforms, mobile web development, and mobile game development.

In addition, we also undertake Android applications development and iOS applications development. We have a competitive team of experts who can build and design mobile apps and websites for multiple mobile operating systems.

In OQZA, we strongly believe that mobile apps development marks the start of a long relationship of cooperation and mutual trust with our clients. To meet this commitment, we offer 24 hours customer support to guarantee satisfaction with the functionality, design and results.