Graphic Design


Logo to a business is like your face to you. It is how you are recognized to the world. It reflects your values and principles. It is also the most powerful marketing tool known.

A logo is a first impression. Before a customer knows anything about what you do or sell, they’ll view your identity with two choices: Keep reading, or click away. On the web, that choice is made in milliseconds.

It is very hard to establish yourself in the marketing world without a logo. In layman’s terms, a logo is like a mental shortcut to a product or company. Just how often do you recognize a car from its make, rather than the ever present logo on the bumper or in front?

The power of the logo lies in its visual nature. Studies have shown that people recognize and relate to images faster then text. In today’s world of multimedia, this rings more true then ever.

A logo is like a signature. It proves your legal ownership and is a legal safe guard against fakes and forgeries.