OQZA Security offer standalone Network Video Recorder NVR for CCTV Surveillance which are great  economical solution for fully integrated IP Camera System. These standalone NVR are based on Linux Embedded Operating System. Popular H.264 compression algorithm technology realize high quality, low bit stream. Unique frame by frame play function is suitable for detail analysis. It has various functions such as record, playback, monitor at the same time and can guarantee audio video synchronization.

These series of products has advanced technology and strong network data transmission function. These series of devices adopts embedded design to achieve high security and reliability. It can work in the local end, and at the same time, when connecting it to the professional surveillance software(PSS), it can connect to security network to realize strong network and remote monitor function. We offer free AHS+ client software (PSS) which is an excellent solution to central monitoring and remote viewing. These NVR’s can be widely used in various areas such as banking, telecommunications, electric power, interrogation, transportation, intelligent resident zone, factory, warehouse, resources, etc. For more information please feel free to contact our sales associates at


AHS+ Software Suites Outstanding Features

> Up to 64 cameras (Analog + IP) in one computer

> H.264 hardware compression

> Multiple monitors display

> Intuitive GUI operation

> Flexible schedule recording

> Intelligent recordings search

> Instantly playback

> Playback multiple cameras from multiple sites simultaneously

> Instant response on alarm events

> Support dual-stream video transmission

> Mobile live view (Apple & Android apps)

> Website video integration

> Powerful AHS+ Client/Central Monitoring System management

> Full Modularized design – Hybrid DVR Record Server, Hybrid DVR Viewer, Hybrid DVR Playback,

WEB IE Client, Mobile Streaming Server, Hybrid DVR Client / CMS

> Benefits – The best transition to IP surveillance, Flexible deployment, Powerful video recording

and playback & High scalability.

>AHS+ Software suite is compatible with most industry standard IP cameras. However, for IP cameras not purchased from Ad hoc Security will require additional purchasing of licenses.