Network Health Check

7-Day Analysis of Your Network

Today’s most successful businesses rely on their network for critical business operations. When your network isn’t performing, your business isn’t either – and – VoIP call quality is directly impacted by the performance of your network. Sign up for our OQZA Network Health check and we’ll do an intensive, week-long network analysis, help you know what’s happening and how it is performing, and send you a plan for making needed improvements. To get started, simply sign up below.

Sign Up For Your Network Health Check

Get started today with a OQZA Network Health Check, a seven day on-site monitoring solution. Our team will work with you to deploy the OQZA monitoring solution. Over the course of seven days, performance data will be collected and reviewed. We’ll prepare a performance improvement plan based on the results and present it to your team at your convenience. Get your Network Health Check for as little as €399! To get started, or for more information, simply complete the form on the right and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.