Managed Services

Managed Services

Of course, your installation needs regular maintenance: minor incidents, defects, innovations, replacements and remote interventions. Naturally, we will be pleased to perform all of these tasks. We concentrate on alleviating your worries as much as possible.


  • Clear agreements about reaction and intervention times
  • Fully transparent prices
  • The same technical specialists for every intervention

Maximum service: Managed Services

Did you choose OQZA Managed Services? Then we supplement our maintenance tasks with additional activities so that your IT specialists can focus on other strategic projects. By monitoring of your system 24/7, abnormal situations are detected proactively and the necessary actions are undertaken. You can rest assured that your telecom always works optimally. Incidents are quickly rectified by our specialists in order to prevent down-time and to maximise the business continuity of your solution.

The Managed Services are performed from the OQZA Network Operations Centre (NOC) during office hours and consist of:

  • Proactive monitoring of your system and diagnosis of alarms
  • Diagnosis of problems
  • Initiation of appropriate actions
  • Reporting and problem management
  • Follow-up at your offices
  • Release management
  • Configuration of new devices and users
  • Fine-tuning of the solution in the event of growth or changes in direction of your company