CCTV Services Surveillance

CCTV Services

Intelligent camera surveillance: indoors and outdoors

Do you use cameras to record suspicious activities? Then it is crucial for the images from these cameras to be sent quickly and in high quality. So you can immediately intervene if necessary.


  • For everyone: large and small companies, multi-storey car parks, retirement homes, towns and municipalities, etc.
  • Total solution: camera surveillance with telecom expertise for sending the images
  • Flexible: expanding and reducing when you want, moving, forwarding to fixed or mobile control rooms, etc.

Integration with network infrastructure

Forwarding camera images requires a reliable high-capacity network. It is possible that the installation of security cameras provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your existing company network.
Perhaps you would like to switch to a wireless WiFi network? With OQZA as a partner, you are sure to make the right choice.

CCTV Services Surveillance


IP Camera is a digital video camera used for surveillance system application. These type of cameras have built in system which can send and receive data via a computer network or the internet unlike analog CCTV cameras. When you purchase IP cameras there is no need to buy DVR card because these cameras has built in function to transmitt digtized H.264 streaming video.

OQZA security offers box cameras with built-in functionality of storing video on SD flash cards. All IP cameras purchased from OQZA security comes with free licensed AHS+ software suite for centralized monitoring, recording and playback. Majority of our cameras have full HD (high definition) 1080p resolution. All of our IP cameras are ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant and interoperable with various industry standard cameras like Bosch, Axis Communication, Sony, etc. If you have any special requirements, build discounted custom package or general questions please contact our sales team at for a free consultation.